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PacMan 3000 promotion and new site! See homepage!

Ahh, where it all began.

Seriously though, if anyone is reading this page, how did you get here...?

The content boxes below show what the site has looked like for the past few years. Despite Media Hogs Studios (12 year old me's video game company) not really being a thing anymore, I still have plans to publish Pacman 3000 online, and perhaps even improve it if I have some free time.

MHS and video game development had a profound impact on me as a kid, sparking my interests in design, software, and CAD - interests which I'm in the process of forming into a career, ten years later. For this and personal nostalgia reasons, I'm leaving this site up for the foreseeable future and will eventually repopulate it with the content it once hosted. Perhaps I'll be the only visitor to it as I check in every once and a while, or perhaps someone else will stumble upon it one day and take a peek into the mind of an young aspiring video game developer during the 2000s.

  A lot has changed since my days as a game developer/Maya animator. To see what I've been up to since then, take a look at my personal website 

Fun Fact: For some reason this page still doesn't have ads despite being a free account on webs. I think they disappeared after I made that annoying "Welcome to our site!" Javascript popup box 6 years ago. I still have no idea why they don't work but hey, I'm not complaining and I doubt this site takes up enough bandwidth/space for it to matter to Webs.


(Old Content Begins)

 We have a new website. And by 'we' I mean 'I'.

The website is going up and down... I don't know why but I'm working on it. The temporary site is below. 

I've known for a while that this site has no way of ever being useful at all if I start posting games. I don't like the idea of these pre-made templates and stuff anymore, and wanted more of a challenge. Also, Webs gives me like, 100mb of bandwidth per month, so if ten people were to play PacMan 3000, for instance, the site would go down.

 Wait... Did I just say Pac Man 3000? 

To kick of the opening of the new site, we have PacMan 3000, ready to play on a temporary site!

Or should I say, PacMan 3001 (awesome name creds to my friend Chris). However, the 3000 is already in like, a million different places and I can't be bothered to change it now. 
The 3001 isnt really suiting either, because I've added around 30 improvements over the original trade show demo (that I never posted online as I said I would). Coincidentally, it took another school project for me to actually start working on this again.

Now its time for OP to deliver. For the first time, play a Media Hogs Studios game. Have fun, and good luck beating my best time of around 140 seconds.

I hope you enjoy playing PacMan 3000 as much as I have enjoyed making it. Good luck!

Any games or news in the future will be posted on the new site. The temporary site is available here:

(Unavailable right now, updates to come -April 2017)



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